There is nothing that belongs to you.!

( Speaks about student life, especially about those who stay in hostels.. Me having been once such student).


There is nothing that belongs to you.!

Text books that you have in an old brown cover,

Money that buys you coke float, chicken burger.

By copying in the exam, marks that you score

The green sparkling gown in the party that you wore…!!!

There is nothing that belongs to you .!


There is nothing that belongs to you.!

Room-mate’s toothpaste that you borrow and use,

The black Reebok canvas that fits you loose.!

Iphone that you carry once in a week,

In last year’s fest, your old magic trick..!

There is nothing that belongs to you…!


There Is nothing that belongs to you,

In your pocket, the pen drive that you carry..

The first love of the person, whom you will marry!

On your table, the old Reynolds pen that lies..

Your high school lies and good old smiles….!

There is nothing that belongs to you…..!



Remember how you looked..!!


When PT sir got your hair completely trimmed,

Without the front two teeth, when you grinned.!!

In teens, your pimply face that friends hated to see,

Ugly swollen eyes caused by sting of a bee..!!

And now you are laughing, at the way I look..!!


Remember how you struggled..!!


When asked to learn a nursery poem of four line

It took you months to learn tables, one to nine..!!

In the third grade math test, you had scored a naught

LKG notes of yours had spelling mistakes, quite a lot..!!

And now you are laughing, at the way I study..!!


Remember how you dressed..!!


The diapers which you wore had no brand tag

With dull cartoon pictures, your nursery bag.!

Napkin pinned on shirt, to wipe your nose

Your tenth birthday shirt, with patterns of rose..!

And now you are laughing, at the way I dress…!!


I stay unscathed from your ‘oh- so – stupid’ laugh

On your remarks on me, I would scoff..!!

Be it imperfect, but it’s my life that I live

None in the world is perfect, I always believe…!!!



Draped I was, in a sanitized white towel

Soon after I was born in an army hospital…

Beautiful Nurse pinched my bottom, to cause me pain

And the bald headed doctor punched me, but in vain…..


“To act is sin” mom said, I heard

Scared I grew, cried ugly and loud…!!!


Sat behind me, the pretty Meghna Ghanshyam

When I wrote my tenth standard Math exam…

Scratching her head, she tried copying throughout the test

Honest that I was, to shield my paper I did my best…


“Honesty is sin” she whispered, I heard

Scared I  grew, ‘will help copying’ I vowed..!!!


Proposed her love, my junior adjusting her looks

I  was in college, and was serious about my books…

With  a  rose she went on knees, spoiling her dress

She tried hard and  hard  but I  didn’t say an ‘YES’…


“To reject is sin” crowd yelled, I  heard

Scared I  grew, made her my beloved… !!!!


I  will be scared of committing sin till my one last breath,

When born, god had warned me ‘WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH’


A white coat Doctor was my reply to teacher..,

When asked what I wanted to become in future…!!

My answer was no different from others in class..,

Apart from stethoscope and Syringe, clueless I was..!!


Help me become doctor, was my humble plea…!!

Amen said god, with a blissful glee …!!


I came back home and sat in front of   TV.,

And my Aim got changed, by a James Bond Movie..!!

Turning point of my life came in a really quick time.,

I was inspired by this agent and his war against crime..!!


Help me become Bond, was my humble request..!!

Amen said god, with an unmistakable jest..!!

My New paper boat.!

It was raining out there and I was down with cold.
I tore out a paper from my notebook old.

Three folds on it and ready was my boat.
It felt like magic, on water it could float!

In a joyous journey on the slushy road,
It rolled and sailed and sailed and Rolled!

In its memory, A poem I wrote.
And I named it…
My new paper boat, My new paper boat!


Lying lazy on the couch, A thought crossed my mind..
Should try writing a poem, Or something of that kind..!
A good topic is a must, Somewhere I’d read..
Hence pulled my laptop and scratched my head..!

I GOOGLEd for long, on topics to choose..
There were many – like ‘My trip to chile’ and ‘Old wise goose’..!!
I couldn’t make the choice, So called up my friend..
‘Selfie’ was her answer – A topic in trend..!!

To write first two lines, It took me a really long time..
I sought Google’s help, To make it rhyme…!
I used few tough words, which I had just found..
In a hope to be called ‘a poet, profound’ .!!

Sixteen lines in the poem, was the goal that I had set..
When I touched the mark, I was soaked in sweat..!!
My first and last attempt at poetry, Came to an end..
I started making a list- to whom the poem, I should send..!!

And I wondered and wondered.. If is this how every first poem is written..!!! ??fortc3a6llinger_med_morale



My first tryst with cooking, is a tale to narrate

It all started on the day, when my age read eight..!!

I was home, alone and having nothing cooked to eat.

There was Milk; there was sugar and few grains of wheat..!!


The recipe which I tried, had no mention in books

Puked after trying it, me and my dog Brooks..!!


My passion for Cooking was never under stake

At the age of twelve, I made a nice round cake..!!

There was nothing on earth that I hadn’t tried..,

From Milk with pickle to chocolate completely fried…!!


I knew, I believed I was no less than a Cordon Bleu

About culinary skills of mine, People had no clue…!!


My affair with cooking, was under wraps for long

Until I proposed a Waitress, with a romantic song..!!

To accept my proposal, ten long minutes she took

And only after hearing that I knew to cook..!!


The next two years I tell you, were a complete hell

On each new recipe of mine, she used to yell..!!


After very long years, a time really came

When I had to hang my head, down in shame…!!!

I was asked to cook for a party she threw,

I assumed I cooked a delicious stew…!!


Trying the dish, guests had really tough time,

I was accused of committing a terrific crime…!!


There and then ended oh my beloved friends, my COOK-A-TALE…….!!!!