Remember how you looked..!!


When PT sir got your hair completely trimmed,

Without the front two teeth, when you grinned.!!

In teens, your pimply face that friends hated to see,

Ugly swollen eyes caused by sting of a bee..!!

And now you are laughing, at the way I look..!!


Remember how you struggled..!!


When asked to learn a nursery poem of four line

It took you months to learn tables, one to nine..!!

In the third grade math test, you had scored a naught

LKG notes of yours had spelling mistakes, quite a lot..!!

And now you are laughing, at the way I study..!!


Remember how you dressed..!!


The diapers which you wore had no brand tag

With dull cartoon pictures, your nursery bag.!

Napkin pinned on shirt, to wipe your nose

Your tenth birthday shirt, with patterns of rose..!

And now you are laughing, at the way I dress…!!


I stay unscathed from your ‘oh- so – stupid’ laugh

On your remarks on me, I would scoff..!!

Be it imperfect, but it’s my life that I live

None in the world is perfect, I always believe…!!!


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