Draped I was, in a sanitized white towel

Soon after I was born in an army hospital…

Beautiful Nurse pinched my bottom, to cause me pain

And the bald headed doctor punched me, but in vain…..


“To act is sin” mom said, I heard

Scared I grew, cried ugly and loud…!!!


Sat behind me, the pretty Meghna Ghanshyam

When I wrote my tenth standard Math exam…

Scratching her head, she tried copying throughout the test

Honest that I was, to shield my paper I did my best…


“Honesty is sin” she whispered, I heard

Scared I  grew, ‘will help copying’ I vowed..!!!


Proposed her love, my junior adjusting her looks

I  was in college, and was serious about my books…

With  a  rose she went on knees, spoiling her dress

She tried hard and  hard  but I  didn’t say an ‘YES’…


“To reject is sin” crowd yelled, I  heard

Scared I  grew, made her my beloved… !!!!


I  will be scared of committing sin till my one last breath,

When born, god had warned me ‘WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH’


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