My first tryst with cooking, is a tale to narrate

It all started on the day, when my age read eight..!!

I was home, alone and having nothing cooked to eat.

There was Milk; there was sugar and few grains of wheat..!!


The recipe which I tried, had no mention in books

Puked after trying it, me and my dog Brooks..!!


My passion for Cooking was never under stake

At the age of twelve, I made a nice round cake..!!

There was nothing on earth that I hadn’t tried..,

From Milk with pickle to chocolate completely fried…!!


I knew, I believed I was no less than a Cordon Bleu

About culinary skills of mine, People had no clue…!!


My affair with cooking, was under wraps for long

Until I proposed a Waitress, with a romantic song..!!

To accept my proposal, ten long minutes she took

And only after hearing that I knew to cook..!!


The next two years I tell you, were a complete hell

On each new recipe of mine, she used to yell..!!


After very long years, a time really came

When I had to hang my head, down in shame…!!!

I was asked to cook for a party she threw,

I assumed I cooked a delicious stew…!!


Trying the dish, guests had really tough time,

I was accused of committing a terrific crime…!!


There and then ended oh my beloved friends, my COOK-A-TALE…….!!!!


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