The Little Pink Flower


Under the Turquoise lipstick

It was as much blue as much it was green
It first kissed her lips, When she turned a teen..!
With stick turquoise, she shared a great bond
She was no Hermoine, but it was her magic wand..!

Staying in her bag and at times in denim pockets
It knew her joys and those buried secrets..!
Cheeks, goblets and on few lips – she’d left its stain
Few remained beloved and many turned disdain.!

Quivering of her lips, her lust, angst and agony
It hid them all across seasons – hot, cold and rainy..!
It wasn’t just her decor, it was her masking veil
Sometimes strong and sometimes frail…!

What lied beneath the turquoise lipstick, no one knew!
It was a weird color – Few found it glitzy and many just sneered.!
It’s a weird color that lived a mysterious life with her
Gleaming when she smiled and smiling when she cried.!


What did the beer say?

It stayed in there, for long few weeks
In the grand old keg, with no big leaks..
Five days away from the month of Jan
It was locked and sealed, in a large tin can..!

The pale brown beer soon wanted to leave
But a week from now was new year’s eve..!
With song and dance, under white moon light
The beer was promised a merry night…!

When the frenzy crowd sang ten to one..
A man picked the beer, the lady a bourbon.!
At the sight of her, it bubbled with joy..
She looked as pretty as the lady in troy..!

To propose to her, while she stayed in poise..
The man lacked words and the beer a voice..!
She clinked the glasses and called for cheers
He sipped the beer and it melted his fears..!

He confessed his love, when the light went dim
Was it the man or the beer inside him?
Looking at her, I wonder what he said
But her smile had died and the face turned red..!

While the rest were busy wishing new year
He turned grim and spoke to the beer…!

I liberated you, set you free.!
But you turned sour and you lathered,
spilled my secrets and all over.! – He alleged

What did the beer say?

My life is short, I don’t age like wine
My froth is the key, but the fools do whine..
You set me free, is what you think..
Contrary is the truth, Now shut up and drink..!


Perilous path of delirious mind

Oh Mr. Vagabond, oh dear happiness
While you seek home
Hopping from one heart to another
And sometimes taking shelter in those deluded minds..

If you come across him
Stay there for a little longer,
Stay with him, But not forever..!
Caress him; fill his heart with joy, but not too much..!

He is ambitious
His is a nomad, like you…
Seeking shelter in one dream and another…
Dreams that only grow bigger and better…

Leave him before he grows content
That would be a contempt, but a necessary evil!
Like a horse that has to go through the dressage
He needs to be roughened up, he needs to be broken down, forever and ever…

Oh Mr. Vagabond, oh dear happiness
In every person who has been a part of his life, Leave a part of you..!
May be that’s the purpose of his life…
May be that’s the truth he should be veiled from..!

He is a delirious mind on a perilous path
Let him be in that never ending pursuit of purpose..!


There is nothing that belongs to you.!

( Speaks about student life, especially about those who stay in hostels.. Me having been once such student).


There is nothing that belongs to you.!

Text books that you have in an old brown cover,

Money that buys you coke float, chicken burger.

By copying in the exam, marks that you score

The green sparkling gown in the party that you wore…!!!

There is nothing that belongs to you .!


There is nothing that belongs to you.!

Room-mate’s toothpaste that you borrow and use,

The black Reebok canvas that fits you loose.!

Iphone that you carry once in a week,

In last year’s fest, your old magic trick..!

There is nothing that belongs to you…!


There Is nothing that belongs to you,

In your pocket, the pen drive that you carry..

The first love of the person, whom you will marry!

On your table, the old Reynolds pen that lies..

Your high school lies and good old smiles….!

There is nothing that belongs to you…..!


Remember how you looked..!!


When PT sir got your hair completely trimmed,

Without the front two teeth, when you grinned.!!

In teens, your pimply face that friends hated to see,

Ugly swollen eyes caused by sting of a bee..!!

And now you are laughing, at the way I look..!!


Remember how you struggled..!!


When asked to learn a nursery poem of four line

It took you months to learn tables, one to nine..!!

In the third grade math test, you had scored a naught

LKG notes of yours had spelling mistakes, quite a lot..!!

And now you are laughing, at the way I study..!!


Remember how you dressed..!!


The diapers which you wore had no brand tag

With dull cartoon pictures, your nursery bag.!

Napkin pinned on shirt, to wipe your nose

Your tenth birthday shirt, with patterns of rose..!

And now you are laughing, at the way I dress…!!


I stay unscathed from your ‘oh- so – stupid’ laugh

On your remarks on me, I would scoff..!!

Be it imperfect, but it’s my life that I live

None in the world is perfect, I always believe…!!!



Draped I was, in a sanitized white towel

Soon after I was born in an army hospital…

Beautiful Nurse pinched my bottom, to cause me pain

And the bald headed doctor punched me, but in vain…..


“To act is sin” mom said, I heard

Scared I grew, cried ugly and loud…!!!


Sat behind me, the pretty Meghna Ghanshyam

When I wrote my tenth standard Math exam…

Scratching her head, she tried copying throughout the test

Honest that I was, to shield my paper I did my best…


“Honesty is sin” she whispered, I heard

Scared I  grew, ‘will help copying’ I vowed..!!!


Proposed her love, my junior adjusting her looks

I  was in college, and was serious about my books…

With  a  rose she went on knees, spoiling her dress

She tried hard and  hard  but I  didn’t say an ‘YES’…


“To reject is sin” crowd yelled, I  heard

Scared I  grew, made her my beloved… !!!!


I  will be scared of committing sin till my one last breath,

When born, god had warned me ‘WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH’


A white coat Doctor was my reply to teacher..,

When asked what I wanted to become in future…!!

My answer was no different from others in class..,

Apart from stethoscope and Syringe, clueless I was..!!


Help me become doctor, was my humble plea…!!

Amen said god, with a blissful glee …!!


I came back home and sat in front of   TV.,

And my Aim got changed, by a James Bond Movie..!!

Turning point of my life came in a really quick time.,

I was inspired by this agent and his war against crime..!!


Help me become Bond, was my humble request..!!

Amen said god, with an unmistakable jest..!!